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Prophecies of the Apocalypse - Unlocking the End Time Prophetic Codes as Revealed by the Ancient Prophets: Apocalypse, #1

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Did you know that all of the hundreds of prophecies foretold by the ancient prophets up to this time have all come to pass? They have - and only those prophecies that point to the very time of the end remain to be fulfilled. 

All it takes is to watch just one session of the evening and or world news to realize that everything is not quite well down here on planet earth. 

Yet so many believe the lie that the coming apocalypse is all just science fiction, and that mankind and its appointed leaders can keep it all together - if we all just learn to get along and hold hands. Not only does history prove this has never happened, but the prophecies are clear that it won't; that the day of reckoning is rapidly approaching. Some world leaders have even hinted recently that World War III has already started in diverse parts of the world. Just like WW II most of the world seems oblivious to the storm clouds until it reaches our backyard. 

Despite years of searching, I never found a book that listed most or all of the key end time prophecies. So I decided to create one for you. Finally you can learn all of the end of days prophecies from the ancient prophets in one book; from A to Z. 

The bible is loaded with end time prophecies from both the Old and New Testament. You will discover hundreds of these predictions and revelations all in one book! 

We are living in perilous times, this book will help you understand and discern the signs of the times. 

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