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Bone Dancer's War

52 pages50 minutes


In the mountaintop fortress of Maseko, a God-Queen's consorts come under attack from a necromancer of unknown intent. As Junior Consort Elosha and his fellow husbands are hunted, Elosha must unravel the plot against his family and his homeland before both are destroyed. Elosha's only weapon is his talent as the God-Queen's spiritualist, using a magic whose potential he has barely begun to explore. All he trusts and expects will turn against him, and he must decide who and what he wants to become.

'Bone Dancer's War' is a novelette of necromancy, polyandry, gods, and monsters. It is the first volume of the Songs of Esoka, followed by 'Gate of Thorns', 'Never Reach the Sea', and 'Lands of No Return'.

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