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Taken by the Chief (Gay Military Erotica)

43 pages32 minutes


What happens when a new Seaman, salty Petty Officer, and seasoned Chief are left alone over leave!?

"The moment I stepped into the break-room I realized I was overdressed for the occasion; both John and the chief were sitting in their skivvies, boxers, enjoying their coffee."

Little does Jim realize, when he walks into the barracks of his newly assigned Seal unit, he is about to experience a bond that is closer than any brotherhood.

Because of Christmas leave he, the chief, and John will have the barracks to themselves...

It doesn't take long for Jim to find-out that hiding his sexual preferences is no longer necessary.

In fact, more and more of them begin to emerge as he and his seal buddies become closer friends.

Enjoy this 8,000+ word gay Navy Seal erotica, with steamy MM and MMM right now.

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