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The Water Diamonds Book 1: International Thriller Series: International Thriller Series, #1

357 pages4 hours


The Water Diamonds:

A violent car crash on California's PCH.

A plot to achieve world domination.

A nuclear arms-seeking Iran.

At the heart of this conspiracy is amnesiac Magus Crayle.

Crayle becomes the subject in a classified memory-recovery project managed by an off-the-books government agent. Assigned to protect Crayle and stimulate his memory are an FBI agent with baggage and a P.I. with an agenda.  Attempts on Crayle’s life begin. The threat escalates. Nothing is what it seems. Assassins chase Crayle and the P.I. from their mountain sanctuary. Crayle is shocked by his ability to employ car racing and martial arts skills. The ante has been raised – more people will die.

Crayle confronts his government handler. A call to Langley, Virginia provides direction. A jet is made available. Crayle and the P.I. depart for the Far East. His first target: Hong Kong stock mogul Chin Yao-wu, a charismatic, sexually deviant megalomaniac who reveals under duress details of their shared past. Another assassination attempt occurs, aligning Crayle with the most seductive of Chin's lethal "daughters".

Chin’s intel leads Crayle to Strasbourg, France, a second conspirator, Sylvain Lalumière, and his small army. The Frenchman views Crayle as a threat – to his plans of conquest and to his life. Few truths emerge. Answers beget questions. Crayle remains confused by his dominant placement in foreign crosshairs.

Magus Crayle must reclaim his life, his memories, and his identity even as he struggles to survive.

Reader Comments about The Water Diamonds:

“A killer thriller!”

“An international thriller with a killer twist.”

“Fast cars, beautiful women & complex villains.”

“For devotees of Bell, Cussler & Deaver, it’s clear Bowen knows his stuff.”

“You’re in for a great read.”

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