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When Love Grew Wings: Blooming heart, striving mind

73 pages45 minutes


The story is set in an era when birds ruled the earth.
Spayara is a small-town sparrow who lost her father in a storm and moved in with her host in another kingdom. Sarpajit is an eagle and the Prince of Meghan, the kingdom of Eagles. Zarina is a beautiful white peahen, the Commander of Meghan, and Sarpajit’s childhood friend.
Spayara falls in love with Sarpajit and tries to convince him up to her last breath that she loves him. Sarpajit loses his wings and his kingdom as he tries to save her. Then, he becomes hopeless after her rejection.
Mysteriously, Sarpajit comes back to save his kingdom from the enemy, wearing golden wings. Spayara loses everything in the war and disappears again.
Zarina helps and protects Sarpajit build his kingdom again. They grow close to each other, and the Kingdom was waiting for them to get married, but Sarpajit is confused about his love. Destiny makes him meet Spayara again. And then, he makes an unexpected decision.

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