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No Grave

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One year ago, Nicole DuPond was wrenched into a world of secrecy and horror, spinning down a spiral of terror and addiction. Since rehab, she’s been working alongside a ragtag team of paranormal researchers, trying to keep her head above the lorazepam waves. Now, she’s being pulled back under, stalked by an old enemy, tangled up in a new job, and uncovering a secret she’s kept even from herself.

Tristan Wallace sits in the cage of an empty suburban home. Since losing his family, he’s struggled through AA meetings and job loss to become a fearsome bogeyman in his own right—the man with the guns going bump in the vampiric night. But as the ghosts of his past haunt his dreams and his latest case proves to be beyond his pay grade, the life he thought he’d finally pulled together starts to unravel.

Cyrus LeSage wakes up every morning with a pounding heart and a head full of nightmare memories, trying to muffle them under a sea of whiskey and a string of one-night stands. All of that goes sideways when his past catches up to him. Before he knows what he’s doing, he’s signed himself on for a suicide mission to erase his debts, wired up on a sleepless quest to beat the odds and keep his hold on the little life he’s built for himself.

As their stories intersect and disconnect, it’s clear there’s something going on beyond their understanding. Someone or something is playing out a deadly bet with their lives as collateral, and if they can’t pull through to the other side, they’ll have a lot more to lose than their sanity.

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