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Executive Dilemma

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Feisty Wellington engineer Kate Carruthers is sure nothing, including romance, will come between her and her ambition to become Managing Director of her company. Nothing, until Ricardo Bertoli, fellow company Executive, bursts uninvited into her ordered life. Despite her resolve, and her belief that he is a womaniser, she is attracted to him. However, after overhearing gossip involving him and another employee, she determines to erase him from her life. The earth would have to move if she were to change her mind - and then it does in a way she hadn't imagined.

The story moves between the beautiful landscape of Wellington, the Capital of New Zealand, and the stunning attractions of Florence, Italy, with its history, traditions, scenery and art. There are many unexpected twists and turns to the plot. Why is his mother so antagonistic towards Kate, even before they meet? What is the secret she is hiding? Why does Ricardo blow hot and cold between professing his love for Kate and then ignoring her? Who is the beautiful woman in the photo? What secrets are hidden in the Bertoli household? Will Kate's ambition win the battle with her heart?

An additional sub-plot involves Kate's father. Who is the American woman who suddenly appears on the scene? What are her motives? Does she want to take the place of Kate's long-dead mother? Or is she another gold-digger? Follow Kate's story as she deals with the two men in her life, both of whom threaten her happiness.

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