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The Gay Detective

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When Nick Scott premiers his TV talk show, The Gay Detective, he is worried about its outcome. His first guest, a well-known author, banters with Nick using sexual innuendoes throughout the interview. The excitement of the show’s high ratings is short-lived when his guest is found murdered the next morning. Nick vows to go on with the show but as they continue, so do the murders of his guests.
Nick, also with the Chicago police department, is teamed with straight Detective Norm Malone. This Odd Couple, often at odds professionally and personally, adds comic elements to this thriller as they hunt this heinous serial killer, aka The Grim Reaper.
The hunt is interspersed with visits from Norm’s daughter, Patti, a psychologist with two children, who adore their grandfather and enjoy his new partner Nick who wows them with magic. Nick’s mother, Wanda, a recent widow, gives new meaning to the word, overprotective. Dr. Jojo, an Indian dwarf, with a mysterious background, is the Medical Examiner.

As the story comes to an exciting conclusion, Nick and Norm, trapped on a hotel roof, battle The Reaper for their lives.
This noir thriller is the first of a trilogy that takes place in Chicago, Illinois, the second in Key West, Florida and the final in Machu Pichu, Peru.

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