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11 Short Stories for Kids and Adults

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Oral literature has always been part of the East African culture since time immemorial. Stories have been passed on from the older to the younger generations, mostly to inculcate good values in life such as honesty, courage, hard work, respect and humility, among others.
In all the eleven short stories in this anthology, I strived to do the same. Most of the stories here are out of my personal experiences in life. WILL THE GRASS GROW? is an unforgettable experience I underwent while in high school when some arsonists attacked our school and our dormitory set on fire while we were asleep. RESPECT IS GREATER THAN BEAUTY is also a true life story that taught one proud girl, the hard way, the lessons on being humble and on always remembering to respect her elders.
Besides advocating for good values in life, these stories are also entertaining and give one an inside into the way of life in East Africa.

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