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Grow Your Seeds

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Grow Your Seeds is an expose on what seeds are, and the transformation they bring about in the life of a seed planter.

Seeds have great potentials to reproduce and expand when planted. Pursue seeds rather than bread. Seeds produce bread and seed while bread produces waste that is passed out of the body. Every talent, every skill and divine idea has the capacity to self seed. That is why God commanded man to be fruitful and multiply. When you exercise your gifts, you are being fruitful, but when you expand them so they can self seed, then you are multiplying seeds. Whatever you do, learn to self seed. Put seeds that self seed and compound into your land and till that land diligently. That way, you do not keep laboring at the same task. Instead, you reap fruitful harvests at all times.

Bread seekers and eaters have no expectations as all they seek is bread for consumption, digestion, energy and play. Seed seekers and planters on the other hand always have expectations, in point of fact great expectations. That is why they plant every seed they find irrespective of weather conditions. They are the investors who take risks albeit informed risks. They do this because they know that every planted seed grows if nurtured. They are the ones who sow beside all waters. You have seeds. God gave you seeds at creation. When seeds are planted, they grow and produce both bread and seed. Work on them by growing them.

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