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Voiced Whispers

Length: 153 pages2 hours


The world today comprises of billions of people, each one of them having their own story, untold and unknown beyond themselves. Few people break from the monotony of their lives to try to learn the stories of the people around them, and fewer people care to help others improve their lives.
Voiced Whispers is the story of a person who cares enough to make this effort. The journey that Ansh goes through leads him through lanes of his past, as he comes to terms with the realities of the world.
It all starts with a simple journey, as his curiosity gets the better of him. Soon, he finds himself in a war with his own self, as he battles the darker shades of the world to restore some balance in the world. However, making this difference comes at a cost to him, as he is troubled by the pangs of his past. Will he be able to overcome the difficulties and do what he is meant to do? Read on to find out!

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