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Put Your Spiritual War Clothes On - Sandra Davis-Rizer

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In loving memory of my grandparents: Annie Bass Shannon (Lil Mama), summer vacations in Perry, GA didn’t mean a vacation from church; Jessie Lee Mullins, a quiet, yet strong provider, and Mittie Jewel Mullins, a grandmother that prayed me through life’s most difficult storms.

Walter Davis, Jr., a father’s love so strong, I still feel, even in his death.

Mattie Pearl Manuel, Aunt Pearl to everyone, the most loving and caring auntie this side of heaven

My BFF, Angela Regina Delaughter, an irreplaceable, unforgettable true best friend.

My late pastor, Rev. Dr. WR Roundtree, Jr. who was concerned for my soul, not just having my name on the church’s role.

Dorothy Jean Logan, Aunt Dot, so much encouragement, wisdom, and kindness in such a small voice.

I am especially grateful to my mother, Jennetta Davis, a true prayer warrior; my two gifts from God, daughter, LaToria Sims & son, Rev. Denzel Harris; Brian and Audrey Davis, siblings who loved me through years of growing pains; Uncles, Lamar & Johnnie, every family should be blessed with uncles like them; loving and caring family and friends; my pastor, Rev. L.B Roundtree, Sr. & New Mt. Pleasant Community Baptist Church, for years of spiritual encouragement and faith in me and my God-given talents.

My sincerest appreciation to my husband, Malcolm L. Rizer, a loving, supportive man of God whose love for me has no bounds or limits

* * *

About the Author

Sandra Davis-Rizer, the prodigal daughter in both Earthly and Heavenly Realms, now an instrument of prayer, poetry, prose & praise.

Sandra Davis-Rizer, when I think of Sandra I think of a woman that exemplifies the Love of God. She is tender hearted and possess an immeasurable wealth of wisdom. Sandra’s heart belongs to the people and she is not afraid to open up and pour out of her soul in order to help those that are lost in Christ. She shares her life experiences as a way of helping others, to enlighten, to encourage, to support, and to compel them to turn their lives around. Sandra is a childhood friend who always ends our conversations with…. I Love You! Sandra, a remarkable Woman of God!!!

Cynthia Roundtree

Sandra has always been a person with a big heart, despite challenges in life. She overcame a lot of her challenges and tests and I am so proud of her. In the midst of them all she never lost faith in God. Her faith brought her through to this point in her life where she can look back and say, If it wasn’t for the Lord on my side, where would I be? I love you and am so proud of you.



Sandra is a loyal and trustworthy sister, even in times of disagreement, I can depend on her support. She’s a devoted wife, daughter, and mother. Physically, we live hundreds of miles apart, but mentally and emotionally, it feels as if we live next door.

Life for her has presented many unfavorable hardships as well as many favorable, exciting times. She enjoys cooking, writing, and worshipping God.

Sandra puts her hope, belief, and all her faith in The Lord, trusting

He will continue to strengthen her. She knows that whatever mountain she has to climb, God will carry her, as always, in His arms.


We All Need You Lord, Every Day, All the Way!!!

Audrey Davis

* * *