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Assisting Audrey

Length: 34 pages29 minutes


Christopher Carter is asked to assist A young student is being blackmailed with a sex tape. Carter must master the art of go-cart racing to put himself in the position to seduce the blackmailer: the student's teacher.

Carter has the blackmailer stripped down to her nightie, two lines of cocaine on the counter in front of her, camera recording. She bends down towards the cocaine and he runs his hand up and around her buttocks. But she backs off at the last moment, asking for a rain check.

On their next date, Carter snorts first. Come into the bedroom to watch Carter, full of cocaine-fueled ferocity, attempt to seduce, and film, the blackmailer. Will she snort the cocaine? Will the video camera set up a tit-for-tat extortion record the event? Can Carter avoid reigniting his drug addiction?

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