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Dog Day Afternoons (Bestiality Animal Sex Breeding Erotica)

Length: 14 pages12 minutes


Chelsey Daniels is a trophy wife, confined to a prison of luxury on a beautiful but isolated island. With nothing else to do, she turns to her beloved dogs for entertainment... And before long, she's being bred by a pug and a great dane! What a combo!

Don't miss this incredibly kinky, darkly funny tale of breeding bestiality!


There was Jasper, my adorable little pug, sitting between my thighs, spread eagle like the slut I was, lapping happily at my pussy. He must have been attracted by the scent and he must have stayed for the taste.

I tried to squeeze my legs shut, his tongue suddenly feeling slimy and foreign, but he just burrowed his head into my slit, forcing my legs apart. For a little guy, he could be very, very pushy.

“No, Jasper, that’s not for you,” I hissed, trying to roll away from him but he rolled with me, still lapping at my pussy, his tongue reaching from my clit down to my asshole and back.

I couldn’t help but admit that it felt amazing. Finally, I gave in.

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