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Bible Prophecies: Messiah Revealed

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‘Messiah Revealed’ is a scripture based interpretation of Revelation Chapter 1.

The book of Revelation is like a collection of visions seen by prophets over a time spanning for hundreds of years. The prophecies of Isaiah, Ezekiel, Daniel and the like, are revisited, explained and placed in a particular order; an order that many have been trying to decipher for thousands of years. For the Revelation may not be in perfect chronological order, but there is an order to its chronology.

The Revelation is best understood by those who have already acquired a comprehension of all the fundamental doctrines of Christianity. Jesus takes us on a journey through the whole bible, using imagery, idioms and phrases that God had given to the prophets and apostles from Moses to John. So the symbols are not new, they have already been explained in the scriptures. Thus Jesus uses this symbolic language to speak to us.

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