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On Passing - Michael Eric Brown

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Thank you for purchasing my eBook. I hope you find it enlightening to read about the real-life struggles of transgender men, women and youth. It is my goal in life to help change hearts and minds.

This play is copyrighted and not in the public domain. If you are interested in acquiring performance rights, please contact me at dysschord@gmail.com for details. You will find the casting and set requirements at the end of the play., as well as information about yours truly!

If you like the book, please leave me a short review on the website where you purchased it to let other readers know what you thought, and tell your friends about it!

Be watching for more of my books – ranging from topics such as feminism, gender and philosophy and mathematics, just to name a few.

– Michael Eric Brown


A Play in One Act

By Michael Eric Brown


Protagonist: Brian, a 20 year old transgender male (female-to-male). Brian went through therapy for 2 years in high school to confirm his gender identity, has been on testosterone for 2 years, and is finally beginning to grow facial hair. He has had top reconstruction surgery to have a male chest,