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Monday Lover - Timothy House

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Here at the Great Wall of China I'm on the final stop of my great adventure. It's something I promised to the love of my life. I'm here on the Great Wall just looking on. I know it's cliché, but for me it was true, she was my soul mate. She was my dream girl, someone who changes your mundane life into something incredible. They say that a love with all the fire and spark of that love we all dream of never lasts. When you aim for the stars there’s no farther you can climb. We sure climbed high but our love ended not the way you think.

It all began on a Sunday evening at the Jazz Bistro back home in St Louis when I noticed her sitting at the bar holding back tears. I walked up to her and asked her if she wanted a drink.

She replied, Make it a strong one.

I said, Ouch! That bad huh?

She replied, Yep! I’m Cassie by the way.

I replied, Raleigh as I shook her hand.

She said, Sorry, if I seem rude I’ve been stood up twice this week. Dumb internet dating sites.

I said, Wow, once is bad enough. Sorry.

She said, Yeah I’m starting to wonder if there’s any love left in this world.

I replied, I hope so, at least I want to believe there is. I’m married to my job, so I'm not sure there's any for me.

She replied, Oh, what do you do?

I replied, Product development, software design.

She replied, Sounds interesting.

I thought she may have been just being nice since nobody accept geeks though software development was even remotely interesting. I replied snickering, Not really, I mean I used to think so when I was a kid I loved playing around with stuff. I took stuff apart a lot just to see how it worked. I took apart my mom’s iPod once. She was so pissed at me.

Cassie laughed and said, It’s good you had some passion. That's what they say anyway find a job that fits your passions.

I put my head down and said, Yeah at one time but now it feels like a J O B and not what I really desired. So, what about you?

She replied, Me? Legal secretary, pretty boring. I thought I’d travel the world when I was in high school. Be a rock star. Then life kind of got in the way. School, then all the debt to go with it. Now, it's about getting by.

I replied, Me too, but I guess it pays the bills. Someday maybe when the debt is gone.

She replied, Yeah I guess so, but I want some adventure ya know. I feel like I was meant for more than this. Just want to live like we were meant to.

I replied sarcastically, You mean we weren’t meant to be chained to a desk?

She said laughing, It feels like it sometimes.

I replied, "Tell me about it, this is