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Stasis Shock - Brett P. S.

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Chapter 1 – Logging On

Chapter 2 – Summer Faire

Chapter 3 – Search Results

Chapter 4 – Two Worlds

Chapter 5 – Stasis Shock

Logging On

Ethan Cook. Age 23. Stasis Gamer, level 64. Ethan ran across a dense forest basin, and his shoes drove scars into the mud and leaves while he made his way to the meetup. Time inside his world worked differently than on the outside, often jumping and falling with each hour, though overall, ten hours inside was roughly equivalent to thirty minutes outside. Ethan spent days at a time in that sense, traveling through his personal world, and he loved it even more when his friends accompanied him, which they sometimes did for hours.

His legs plowed through the mud at peak human speed, and Ethan kept exhaustion toggled off in his settings. Sometimes he enjoyed a little more realism, but he had a lot of ground to cover today, and it would only get in his way. Ethan sped out past the last few trees, planting his feet onto a cobblestone road that ran along the forest edge. The sky, his only real means of keeping time, showed about mid-day, so he played for about three hours by now … give or take thirty minutes.

He glanced down the road and saw some humanoids approaching. They could be allies, but Ethan prepped his spells in case. His fingers charged to maximum burn, ready to release