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Love Matters

Length: 182 pages1 hour


This is the third of the Crimson Cloak charity Anthologies, a collection of short works on a theme of LOVE in all its forms. The book is marketed in aid of the International Children's Heart Foundation and contains three poems and thirteen short stories by the following authors:

The Ignored and the Despised, by Nkosi Ife Bandele
Some Enchanted Evening You Will Meet a Stranger, by Marleen S Barr
Love, The Master Player, by Eva Bell
Trail of Smoke, by Brian Bossetta
The Courtship of Gladys Pierson, by Janice Clark
Island of Fear, by Kathy Collier
In Search of Another (poem), by Don Ford
Chris, by Joe Giambrone
First Love, by J R Ingrisano
The Edge of a Cliff, by Anjana Pradeep
The Search, by Esma Race
Mr. Ghost Man, by Patrick M Shanahan
Generosity of Spirit (poem), by Peter J Streitz
Fear (poem), by Peter J Streitz
Crackers (poem), by Wesley Tallant

The book also contains links to advice on avoiding heart conditions, warnings signs that you may be suffering a heart attack, and a free knitting pattern for little heart-shaped bags that can be created just for the sake of it for little gifts, tree decorations, or to raise funds for the charity concerned.

Each Crimson Cloak Anthology contains a section about the charity it’s in aid of, what they are trying to do, links to their website etc.

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