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The Awakening

Length: 362 pages5 hours


Then he found oblivion. His body jerked up in mid-air, yet he felt no pain. A sense of freedom, hope and inspiration filled his heart. As he crossed his arms on his chest, a strange feeling of solitude crept in, and through it he saw the enormous responsibility that lay before him. He was alone, deserted but powerful, tiny but self-reliant, he was human but Invincible.

David has had only one true friend all his life. Shaun has never been in love. Alisha has always been with him. Jane has just got her first boyfriend. Michael, never mind, for him, it’s always complicated. All of them have one thing in common. They are born with intricate tattoos on their body. As they blend together as a team under the guidance of their other-worldly teacher, little do they realize the magnitude of responsibility that rests on their shoulders.

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