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12 More Cat Stories to make you Smile and Laugh!

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Here is another 12 funny and entertaining cat stories you should enjoy! 
1.A Cat Named Max Finds a Cup of Milk. 
2.A Cat Named Oliver Rescues 3 Kittens. 
3.A Cat Named Angel Finds a New Friend. 
4.A Cat Named Samba Finds a Bookstore. 
5.Lily and the Blind Cat Sammy. 
6.Maggie and His Master John.  
7. A Cat Named Sam and His Mom Sassy. 
8.Patch Saves His Master from Rats. 
9.Princess is a Beautiful Snow White Cat. 
10. Jack and His 3 Sons. 
11. Simon Who Loves Fishes A Lot. 
12. Molly Enters the Beauty Contest.

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