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Supernatural Faith and First Truth

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Supernatural Faith and First Truth looks at the many ways in which we encounter supernatural faith in our spiritual journey. Among the many topics covered are questions and answers regarding first truth, the relationship between God and his creatures, St. Augustine on Faith, the work of God in our life, freedom and grace, and many others.

First Truth
St. Thomas Aquinas, in his disputations on truth, De Veritate, asks in Q. 14, art. 8 ‘Is First Truth the Proper Object of Faith?’
It must be noted at the beginning the concern of St. Thomas was supernatural faith; that is,

"the substance of things to be hoped for and the evidence of things that appear not." (Heb. 1:1)
First, St. Thomas lists several difficulties in answering the question. St. Thomas lists sixteen different difficulties and in his Answers to the Difficulties he answers each one individually. Let us draw our attention to the first difficulty.

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