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'Let Me Gather Myself': Discover the New You

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When I began writing this book I had suffered a major setback in my personal life and I was trying to create a map to work my way through a maze. Eventually, I saw it as something I could offer others as a tool for creating a unique manual for getting back to life after being knocked down. I hope it is useful as a tool that will help you simplify and take charge instead of being imprisoned by the kind of trauma that makes one rerun incidents without the sense that they are really breaking free of the guilt and the shame that pops up out of nowhere when you are not feeling good about who you are. Well, you deserve that at least don’t you? You arrived in the world without so much as an invitation, an all-access visa, or even in-flight entertainments and nobody even gave you an instruction manual. Maybe we can work together to get you better.

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