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The Expert's Guide to Aromatherapy & Essential Oils for Health: A - Z of Ailments and Natural Remedies to Treat Them

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The Expert's Guide to Aromatherapy & Essential Oils for Health: A - Z of Ailments and Natural Remedies to Treat Them

Length: 250 pages1 hour


Did you know how effective simple, natural remedies can be in helping to treat common ailments, and, also, how quick and easy it is to create them?

From the world-renowned expert in aromatherapy and natural wellbeing, this comprehensive guide offers natural remedies to treat over 100 common ailments at home. Packed with tips and simple advice to treat specific health conditions, you'll also learn how to boost your immune system, promote your family's general wellbeing, make easy skincare preparations for glowing skin and tips for a healthy pregnancy.

Danièle Ryman is widely acknowledged as the world's leading authority on natural health and wellbeing. Natural remedies, and notably aromatherapy (the use of essential oils and plants for therapeutic benefit and for cosmetic purposes), have gained recognition worldwide as powerful healing and restorative tools. This book is based on Danièle's four decades of research and experience advising global health & beauty companies, private clients and the media as well as lecturing worldwide.

The book is a straightforward reference for whenever your family has a health concern. Only basic, inexpensive items are required to prepare Danièle's recommendations and she suggests foods, plants and oils which are widely available.

Read how to treat common ailments from colds and 'flu, headaches, stress, insomnia and fatigue to acne, scar tissue, stretchmarks, and rejuvenation. You'll learn general tips for healthy living and:

• How to effectively treat your family's illnesses with natural remedies
• How to use herbs in cooking to enhance wellbeing
• How to use plants and oils in lotions and massage
• How to reduce stress with inhalations & relaxing baths
• How to create effective anti-ageing preparations, plus much more...

Part of Danièle Ryman's expert series for natural wellbeing, this book means you'll benefit from the sort of advice Danièle offers to her clients in private consultations.
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