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The Sellouts

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When you're a human with extraordinary powers and you take a job capturing humans with extraordinary powers, what are you? A Sellout, that's what!

For years, humans with extraordinary powers have been surfacing in the world, and for years, no one could match them - until one company started hiring them to police the bad ones.

Agent Matthew Hendrix, A.K.A. “Chancer”, works for TSO, a company contracted by the United States Government to capture and detain these “humans with extraordinary powers”. He thinks he’s saving people, but the people call him and TSO Agents like him - those with powers - “Sellouts” for being paid to turn on their own kind.

Having the ability to change the luck around him, but not always being able to control it, Chancer inadvertently stumbles upon a plot that could threaten the entire world.

Can he and The Sellouts save the world?

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