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Thommo's Last Ship

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The story starts in Devonport dockyard as a new ship's company join a helicopter aircraft carrier currently being refitted in the dockyard. Thommo is a senior Petty officer, almost at the end of his time in the Royal Navy, hence the title. He becomes a mentor to three young mechanics sent to work with him during their two year commission on board the ship known affectionately to the crew as the Rusty B. Together, they travel and have adventures half way round the world and visit such places as Aden, Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia. I have relied heavily on my own experiences on board aircraft carriers for background information but Thommo's last ship is a work of fiction. There is romance, heartbreak, action and camadre. Some of these bring out the best and the worst amongst the crew members during their two years together. If you want to know more, then I suggest that you read the book!

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