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Life After War



This file contains Dystopian Stand, Fight for Survival, Carved in Stone.

Life After War (LAW) is an apocalyptic series that will take you on a journey through treacherous, broken lands in desperate need of heroes. This story is not for younger readers. It is graphic depiction of humanity in all its forms. As I’m sure you know, some of those are ugly. Please be prepared for that.
•Books 4-6 in the LAW series
•2680 pages
•Deleted Scenes
•Character Bios and more

Need to Know Information
Length: 2681 pages
Author: ©Angela White
Publisher: C9 Publications
Next in series: Shattered Dreams (Book 7) Life After War or Box Set 7-9
Related to series: Alexa’s Travels, Marc and Dog

Life after war, armageddon, post apocalyptic survival, dystopian military fiction series, psychics and apocalypse horror, angela white box set, shtf book,

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