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August's Gardens

173 pages3 hours


With Morrigan in the Dark Realm, the battle to get her back has begun . . .

The Winged Man may have buried his wife, but it is not over. What is left of her is trapped with his worst enemy—the Dark Man. He will do anything to get her back, but rescuing her may not be within his power. With everything seemingly up to his brother the Artist, the Winged Man waits and learns there is much more to their connection to Morrigan than he previously thought. Whether the Artist succeeds or not, there will be a war between the realms, a war that the Winged Man will have to fight severely outnumbered and maybe without even the help of his most beloved brother.

August's Gardens is at once disturbing and hopeful. Horror haunts every move of the small and unusual family at its core. Join them in a fantasy world where even the most beautiful creations are potentially deadly.

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