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Hell freezes over. Heaven heats up. A resort springs to life on the banks of the River Styx and souls don’t want to move on.

Nothing scares our intrepid immortals—except a run-in with a scissor-wielding Fate after messing up the Great Tapestry. She’s the only one capable of cutting their Life Threads.

It’s just another day in Purgatory for Death and Chronos as they sort through the mayhem and keep the universe from spinning out of control. Be sure to bring along your helmet. You never know when Death might offer you a ride on his Harley.

Step into their world. The afterlife will never be the same.

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ISBN: 9781516363698
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Just Another Day in Purgatory - River Fairchild

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Cold as Hell

Death pounded on the door.

Moments later, Chronos regretted answering the summons. A blast of frigid air swooped in and shoved him backwards. Death, seemingly unaffected by the blustery wind, sauntered inside as if nothing were amiss.

What’s wrong with the weather? Chronos pushed against the door with a mighty heave to close it again before realizing the chill had settled into the room. Frost formed on his gold shag carpet, sparkling in the sunlight and crunching underfoot. It feels like it’s about to snow in here. Is Gaia mad again?

The weather? I hadn’t noticed. Death ducked his skull, avoiding eye contact. A muffled sneeze erupted from the vicinity of his ribcage. His cloak flapped like a maddened bird about to take flight.

What’s under your cloak? Chronos stared as the thrashing continued, the material tumbling back and forth. He held up a hand. Wait. Don’t tell me. I’m sure I won’t like the answer.

Death withdrew a furry bundle from beneath the folds of his coat, juggling his squirming prize until it morphed into the shape of a cat. The bedraggled creature turned her head, blue eyes sparking with black hellfire as her gaze settled on Chronos.

Jezebel! Chronos jumped back, seeking a safer distance from the menace cradled in Death’s elbow.

She struck a languid pose as she snuggled against Death’s cloak, purring as one paw stretched into a show of claws. Death stroked her fuzzy head with one phalange, looking pleased with himself.

Why did she take the form of a cat? Doesn’t she prefer the little wings of her chimaera persona? So she can fly out of here? Chronos gulped, wondering if she could read his thoughts.

I don’t know. That’s how I found her. Would you prefer another shape? I’m certain she would oblige you.

Chronos crossed his legs in reflex, remembering the unfortunate encounter he had with the beast under the table at one of Lucien’s poker games. Uh, no. That’s all right. Does she want a saucer of milk or something?

Chronos edged toward the kitchen, hoping to find refuge from the dangerous menace. Jezebel hissed at him.

Don’t upset her. She’s been through quite an ordeal. One bony finger rubbed Jezebel’s chin until she started to purr again. Do you have any sardines? She likes those, you know.

Can we get back to what’s happening? Chronos mashed the heel of his palm into his forehead, trying to stave off the headache he always got when the weather changed abruptly. What’s wrong with the climate and what does Jezebel have to do with it?

Her? Nothing. Death dropped his jaw in good humor, which did nothing to allay Time’s growing sense of unease. She needs a place to stay.

Here? Chronos waved his hands out in front of him in a futile effort to negate the suggestion. What about your place? The mansion has more rooms than you can count.

Maybe she’ll get lost in the labyrinth, he added under his breath. Jezebel snarled at him so he shut up.

I would but you know how the Furies feel about her. Death shrugged, careful not to jostle his furry burden.

Yeah, they have better sense than you do. Chronos picked at his lower lip, wondering how he would survive his houseguest’s antics.

Don’t look so glum, old friend. Death lowered Jezebel onto the sofa as if she were a precious jewel. As for the weather, Lucien was in a huff and didn’t have time to do anything more than shout orders but it seems as though Hell is cooling off.

Why? Does he have a shortage of souls stoking the Eternal Flames? That doesn’t seem possible.

I couldn’t stick around to investigate. Jezebel needed my attention. Death looked down at the slumbering cat, ignoring the fact that she was kneading the sofa in her sleep and tearing into the fabric. We should go find out.

And leave Jezebel here all by herself?

Not to worry. She’ll be fine.

I’m not worried about her, Chronos grumbled. He like that sofa. It sagged in all the right places.

I know something that will cheer you up. Death snapped his metacarpals and a motorcycle helmet appeared in Chronos’ hands. We’ll take the scenic route. Nothing like a little fresh air to clear your mind.

Even though we have the best of intentions, we’ll take the unpaved road, Death added, his eye sockets glowing as he waited for Time to catch up with his little jest.

Groaning, Chronos slapped on his helmet and stalked out the door, refusing to glance back at the sounds of material shredding in his living room. Could this day get any worse? He was about to find out.

The cold wind outside stung as it tossed ice pebbles in his face. Chronos lowered the visor on his helmet and thought about begging Death to rethink the motorcycle trip, preferring a fast transfer into Evil’s domain instead. The air started to heat up as they approached the bike, swinging into a heat wave with dizzying speed.

I told you it would be a great day for a ride, Death shouted as he swung a tibia over the Harley and started the motorcycle.

Strains of music competed with the Harley’s rumbling engine. Chronos recognized the theme song from Death Takes a Holiday.

Don’t you have something more sepulchral on that iPod of yours?

"I don’t use an iPod anymore. A woman I met last month is working on new technology. It’s not on the market yet but she explained how I