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Space Bush

Length: 216 pages2 hours


"Sharp and highly entertaining. Armacost's words are like Douglas Adams' brain in Conan the Barbarian's body, bulging with perverse spectacle and galactic-sized adventure, told with a wink and a nudge."—David W. Barbee, author of A Town Called Suckhole and Thunderpussy

Paul Miller and Fred Reap find themselves abducted by aliens and sold to a sweat shop where their only hope at escape will be the chance to participate in the intergalactic, Reality-TV-inspired SPACE BUSH contest during which Paul and Fred must bait and bed a host of extra-terrestrials for the brain-dead entertainment of an unseen audience. What follows, then, is a bizarro story of wretched excess, human folly, and body fluids.

"Do you like your brain on Palahniuk and Vonnegut, but want something harder? Try Armacost, but be warned: his SPACE BUSH is a guaranteed bizarro overdose."—John Edward Lawson, author of SuiPsalms

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