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The Silver Thorn

Length: 292 pages5 hours


A Book of Stories: THE LITTLE DONKEYS WITH THE CRIMSON SADDLES (English Country, Twentieth Century), THE ENEMY IN AMBUSH (Russia Pre-war), CHINESE HORSES (Beautiful Things more than Beautiful People), A SILLY OLD FOOL (A Scrap of Polchester), ECSTASY (Derwentwater in Sunlight), THE TARN (Ullswater under Rain), NO UNKINDNESS INTENDED (A little Polchester Society), THE ETCHING (British Sentiment), MAJOR WILBRAHAM (A Vision incompletely realised), THE ENEMY (British Sentiment), OLD ELIZABETH (A portrait - Scotch Austerity), A PICTURE (Pictures are wiser than Humans), THE DOVE (German Reminiscence), THE TIGER (New York Reminiscence), BACHELORS (Older Polchester).

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