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Length: series


The Johnson Ranch in rural Nevada is big and prosperous. Owners Lily and her husband, Sandy, have raised six children with lives in various parts of the country and world. They all come home for Christmas and it promises to be memorable.
Secret service agent Janie is pregnant as is her brother Colt's wife, Mandy and they're due any minute.
Financial troubles threaten the future of the ranch and the ranching foreman's daughter, Anna, is getting married, but not to long time beau and artist Joey, Sandy and Lily's third son.
Lily plans the wedding at the ranch and everything is going smoothly until an enormous snowstorm hits and the calm Lily feels begins to unravel. In the midst of the snow and a million wedding details, Anna, her fiancé, Tom, and several others decide to go skiing for the day. They become trapped at the resort when the snow intensifies and the roads are closed. Anna and Tom are there with Joey who finally sees the error of his ways. But it's way past time to win Anna back--or is it?

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