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Grover Beach Team



“When hell freezes over!”

I can’t believe how Susan Miller just brushed me off like a fly in midsummer. I certainly wasn’t looking for a girlfriend when I followed her into detention. Just one kiss, that’s all I wanted.
A plan that thoroughly backfired.

No matter what I do to crack through that snappy nerd’s barriers, she blocks my every advance. Worse, she only seems interested in my quiet twin brother. But I never walk away from a challenge.

To put a hickey on her lovely neck on the soccer field is one thing. To make hell freeze over and snatch a kiss is another. A strawberry dipped in molten chocolate should aid me with my plan. But then Sue really closes her eyes and opens her mouth for me, and the strawberry in my hand is suddenly forgotten...

The complete GROVER BEACH TEAM series in chronological reading order:
1. Play With Me
2. Ryan Hunter
3. T is for...
4. Dating Trouble
5. The Trouble with Dating Sue

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