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Alaska Native Tribes,ANCSA Corporations, and Other Organizations: Origins, Purposes, and Relationships

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Learn about Alaska's unique indigenous people who have lived thousands of years in a subsistence economy and unconquered. See how today's Alaska Native people exhibit remarkable resilience and adaptability despite the arrival of foreigners to Alaska in the mid-1700s, who sought natural resources and brought death and disease that claimed many indigenous lives. Clear descriptions, facts, charts, lists, and maps tell about the 230 Alaska Native tribes and more than 350 Alaska Native–owned for profit and nonprofit organizations that have emerged over the past 65 years. A stunning 25,000 year timeline depicts archeological sites which helped provide the basis for aboriginal land rights in the historic Alaska Native Land Claims Settlement in 1971. Today, Alaska Native people comprise about 20 percent of Alaska's population and their institutions are a major player in Alaska's diverse economy. Easy to read, you will gain an essential understanding about these modern institutions that have been successfully integrated with traditional subsistence values and are improving the lives of Alaska Native people and all of Alaska.

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