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Lessons of Spiritual Leadership from the Life of Samson, the Nazirite

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Samson has being characterized as a poster boy for underachievement because of mistakes that ultimately cost his life. In the focus on Samson's end-of-life mistakes, however, there is a glossing over of the fact that Samson judged or ruled over Israel for 20 years. There also is a glossing over of the fact that Samson did achieve the purpose for which he was born. In many countries around the world, Samson's 20-year reign translates into a 5-term presidency during which based on the account in the Bible, Samson did not make any significant mistakes until the twentieth year.
In this book, I demonstrate that while we can learn from Samson's mistakes, there are significant leadership lessons to be derived from Samson's life, attitude, faith, decisions, and actions. I also demonstrate that Samson is an imperfect type of Jesus Christ. If the lessons from Samson's mistakes are valuable, the lessons we can derive from the things that Samson got right over the course of 20 years are perhaps even more valuable. After all, while we must not minimize the importance of God's grace, God's characterization of Samson as a hero of faith implies Samson got a lot more things right than he got wrong.

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