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Magical Romance



Laura finds a piece of aquamarine glass on the New Jersey beach. But it’s not sea glass, it’s a miniature time-machine that transports her back 30,000 years to an earth threatened by an approaching asteroid. Kentir, leader of the project to destroy the asteroid has also brought to the land he calls Issa, Hua Te, a Chinese mage; Chac, an Aztec priest; and Marica, a woman from the 23rd century in hope one of them will have knowledge that will help.
The project headquarters is a lovely, airy white building at the edge of a northern sea, but with tropical vegetation. Laura and the other time-travelers, along with Kentir, his brother, Thuban, and a few of their friends race against time to find a solution.

Marica proves to be a nasty person, who taunts Thuban with his inadequacies and makes constant trouble, but Hua Te is ever calm and pleasant, and Chac is unexpectedly noble, offering his astronomical knowledge to the cause. Still, nothing provides hope until Thuban suggests piloting an old rocket ship into space to blast the asteroid to pieces.
Kentir insists he will be the pilot.

Everyone is exhausted. Laura and Imilca, one of the scientists, whose husband died in an accident early in the project, decide a party will help relieve the tension. One day is devoted to preparations. Then, under the shimmering northern lights the project workers enjoy themselves. And, at evening’s end, Laura and Kentir make love. Both know their time is short, but it doesn’t seem to matter. Laura has found the one man she can love forever.

The next day Thuban boards the rocket ship and leaves to confront the oncoming asteroid. New timestones have been provided for those remaining, so they can transport themselves to other times. Marica attempts to steal the stones so she can sell them. Chac stops her, but at the cost of his own life.

With no time left, Laura, Kentir, and Renan, the project physician, transport themselves to the New Jersey shore. Obviously, Thuban’s plan to use the rocket ship has worked.

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