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Legend series



Eight books, Spellbound-Legend, Shee Willow-Legend, Prince in the Mist (novella), Prince, Prelude-Legend, Aaibhe-Shee Queen(Spellbound-Legend takes us to a time in the past when the seeds of hate are sown and a Fae of power loses himself to obsession.
The Legend Series is a journey which takes the readers through an intricate collection of full length tales, heart-pumping adventure, sexual tension, engaging characters who will capture the heart and make you want to turn page after page. It will take you into the mind of an evil being and into the heart of goodness. It will take you to the edge and give you a nudge—will you fall over and save yourself? Ah, let yourself go and become a part of a place where anything is possible and the written word is Legend.
The bestselling Legend Series will take you into the Fae world and weave it with your own. It will show you just how such a race as the Tuatha De Dannan/Fae came to be and why Ireland still knows them as the “Children of the Light”.
Legend...once you start reading, you won’t be able to stop.
Come with me and meet the characters of my Legend.

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