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A Gray Foxx Thriller



Detective Rebecca Foxx and Special Agent Jordan Gray are back in the next installment of the Gray Foxx Files. It’s been months since they caught the Cradle Killer and things have finally started to settle down, allowing them to focus on their lives and relationship; but the break is short-lived, and nothing could have prepared them for the hell that’s about to get unleashed.

When a frantic call summons Jordan to her old church, she isn’t sure what to expect; but the panic in the priest’s voice raises her suspicions and she asks Rebecca to join her. When the two women discover the slain body of a well-known Senator with strong mob ties, it sends them on a hunt for a sadistic killer intent on revenge and punishment.

From sacrificial rites to biblical subtexts, the search is on for the murderer before he can kill again. As the list of bodies grows, Rebecca is determined to pin it on an old enemy, against Jordan’s better judgment. When the evidence continues to mount, she realizes she will have to stop her witch hunt against Chicago’s most hated mob boss and listen to her gut. The only question is - can Rebecca’s instincts lead her to the killer before he strikes again?

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