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Tales of Dulan's Planet



Badly wounded in the war against space pirates, a depressed Admiral Halvo Gibal is returning to Capital, to a boring future confined to a desk job, when he’s captured by Perri of Regula. Halvo suspects there’s more behind the deed than Perri understands, and he’s fascinated by the red-haired, green-eyed, but seriously naive beauty.

Headed for the planet Regula, confined aboard Perri’s ship, Space Dragon, alone together save for a robot named Rolli, Halvo tries to charm Perri, who isn’t interested. Or is she? Loyalty to her fiance, Elyr, conflicts in Perri’s mind with her new and very warm feelings for Halvo. At Regula, a nefarious plot is revealed, which involves Elyr and some serious political scheming.
Halvo, once a hot-shot space pilot, and now enjoying himself, rescues them, but not before the Space Dragon is damaged. They hide on a barren planet with a barely breathable atmosphere. A low-lying cave provides better air, where Halvo, having recovered his zest for life during the adventure, tries to repair the ship. There, he and Perri become lovers, and both realize how badly Elyr has treated her.

Realizing they will be followed, they take the barely functioning Space Dragon into the forbidden Empty Sector in search of the planet where Halvo’s brother, Tarik, has settled.

Pursued by three ships, Halvo is forced to land on Dulan’s Planet in a deserted area by the sea. After a blissful night with Perri, their pursuers arrive. One ship contains Halvo’s mother, Kalina, who is searching for her son. The other ships are Regulan and determined to capture Halvo.

Will Tarik find them in time? Will Kalina, who blames all problems on Perri, relent in her hatred of the girl? Can Perri go free, or will she be charged with treason, kidnapping, and attempted assassination of an Admiral of the Fleet?

Can Halvo solve his many problems and avoid that dreaded desk job?

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