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Thirty Minutes to Heartbreak



When a goddess throws a temper tantrum, entire worlds will shake beneath her feet.

Para is invincible. She exists for only thirty minutes intervals, but manages to make the most of that fleeting time. Comprised of the two demigoddesses, she is the ultimate woman; keeping her respective ex-boyfriends wrapped around her finger without them even knowing her identity. She is the perfect disguise and escape, allowing Pax and Amara to execute their admittedly childish, but undeniably liberating plan of revenge.
But as usual, all is not right within the universe. Even after recently saving the planet from an impact that would have obliterated most of humanity, there seems to be no rest for the wicked. All Para wants is to break the hearts of the men who broke her heart, but an old family enemy won’t let her play her love games in peace. Suja, the Queen of the Asura, has a growing animosity and fascination with Pax Burnson, and will stop at nothing to win their battle of wits and power. Now Suja has brought a new challenger to bear against Para.
Will Para’s supercharged union be enough to go up against Suja’s newest monstrous creation?

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