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The Knight Family



When hotelier Nelson Knight meets international singing sensation Brianna "Angel" Johnson it is not love at first sight. He sees her as a rude, spoiled celebrity; she sees him as a leering, unwanted admirer.... But they both agree on one thing: they get under each other's skin.
Thrown together as Best Man and Maid of Honour for their best friends' impending nuptials, Nelson and Brianna call a truce long enough to find they have much in common.
They also find that they inhabit two very different worlds. Can Nelson learn to navigate hers without compromising his values? Can Brianna learn to embrace his without jeopardizing her career?
As friendship, love and passion blossom and bloom, they come to realise that there are many ways to fulfill a fantasy....
(Author's note: Similarities to persons living or dead, including international Barbadian singing star Rihanna are purely coincidental. Really!)
This is the third book in Caribbean Passion's Knight Family Trilogy, and it's Nelson's turn to meet The One.

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