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The Castle Chronicles



Young Thomas falls into love with the beautiful Selene at first sight and is delighted at the marriage Lord Guy has arranged for him. But Selene cannot love anyone, and she has become the innocent agent sent by Thomas’ mother, Lady Isabel, to destroy Afoncaer and ruin Guy in payment for the punishment he inflicted on her years ago for her betrayal.

Selene’s cousin, Arianna, comes to Afoncaer as her companion and soon joins Lady Meredith as her student in the art of herbal healing. Only Meredith sees that Arianna has fallen hopelessly in love with Thomas. The girl swears to Meredith that she will never interfere in Thomas’ marriage and she keeps her word, though her heart is close to breaking.

Meanwhile, Welsh rebels are planning to destroy the great river fortress. They begin by sending Gwenefer to Tynant, Guy’s manor house, which his former squire, Sir Geoffrey, holds for him. Gwenefer quickly insinuates herself into Geoffrey’s bed and into his affection.

When duty calls Guy, Meredith, and Thomas away from Afoncaer, Geoffrey arrives as usual to hold the fortress in Guy’s absence. With him comes Gwenefer, who soon becomes Selene’s trusted “friend.” It’s not long before Selene is used to open the postern gate to the Welsh rebels, who overrun Afoncaer.

But the ever-alert Reynaud, the architect, has sent a secret message to Guy, who returns in time to rescue his home. The rebels must be punished and Selene lives in near madness out of fear that Gwenefer will name her as an accomplice.

A furious Thomas sends Selene to her mother in Brittany, where Selene finally learns how her marriage was really arranged and how Isabel has been using her.

Thomas and Arianna finally admit their love for each other, but vow never to consummate it, for he is still married to Selene. In fact, Thomas decides Selene must return to Afoncaer and be a true wife to him.

He joins Selene in Brittany, where she tries to seduce him. But Thomas, knowing he cannot trust her, wants nothing to do with her. Still, he arranges for them to return to England aboard The White Ship along with King Henry’s sons and their friends.

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