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[NOTE: Formerly published as Venus Guy Trap.]

Haydee Miller is rockin’ her Life Plan! She’s got the business degree, the bookstore specializing in Greek mythology, and her dream house. Next on the list is The Man.

So the arrival of the Goddess of Love-turned-fairy godmother, Venus, is serendipitous, isn’t it? Haydee eagerly accepts Venus’s help...until she discovers which Prince Charming Venus has picked out. Haydee would sooner marry the gay butcher than ever get involved with Derek Reed again.

After her last reluctant Cinderella, Venus is thrilled to find a willing "victim" in Haydee. However, this Love Life Makeover is just as hard. Haydee refuses the man Venus knows is The One, and insists on supplying her own choices. Plus Derek--as well as all the lame-oh’s Haydee has picked out--has the hots for Venus instead.

How can glamorous Venus dull herself down to make Derek actually see his True Love Haydee? She’ll try anything to make this makeover a success. Even giving up designer duds, manicures, and salon treatments! But how will Venus survive?

And how will she convince Haydee that the past is in the past, and that Plans are made to be broken?

Just as winning as its predecessor, McKelden’s second novel will appeal to fans of whimsical romantic comedy. ~ Kristine Huntley of Booklist

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