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Sixteen: The Sensational Story of Britain's Top-Secret Military Assassination Squad

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The Cold War was approaching its height. Turbulence had spread to the Middle East, and steps had to be taken which no government could endorse. Step forward the Sixteen. A hand-picked, top-secret elite British killing squad, the Sixteen's purpose was to assassinate Communist sympathizers in the military. Their training surpassed the SAS in unarmed combat, weaponry and fear elimination. 40 years after their dissolution, Urwin breaks his silence in The Sixteen to divulge the riveting secrets of their four key missions. The Sixteen is of extreme relevance right now, touching upon Middle Eastern conflicts which remain with us to this day and urgently require positive responses. No previous account of a military group has remotely compared to the secrecy, skill and sheer professionalism of the Sixteen.

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