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Gabriola Island



This book contains mature content.

The last thing successful businesswoman Samantha Jones envisions is her beloved grandmother in a nursing home – and having to fly to remote Gabriola Island to care for her orphaned infant niece. But family is as important to Samantha as her job with Cal Tremaine, and she's determined not to let instant motherhood interrupt her career

… until headstrong Cal offers something more tempting.Cal's rapidly growing software empire owes a lot to Samantha's skills, and Cal isn't about to let her get away.

Yet when Cal gets his first look at Samantha outside the office, he realizes that he wants her to see him as a man – instead of as her boss. Suddenly he's offering a marriage that will satisfy the judge in gaining custody of her niece, but what he wants is Samantha as his true wife … in every sense of the word.

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