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This eBook is ideal for that busy person who is serious about making a lifestyle change, but doesn't have time or money for a gym or personal trainer. Use Your Smartphone to Lose Weight shares Jerry Dugan's strategy of using smartphone apps to hold himself accountable as he made lasting habit changes needed to create a healthy lifestyle. Readers of this book will learn about app features they may not have considered, and gain insights on the "slow and steady" strategy Dugan applied to reach his own success, 56 pounds lost in six months.

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Use Your Smartphone to Lose Weight - Jerry Dugan

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I want to thank my wife, Olivia, for her love, patience, support, and the common sense she brings to our marriage. I also want to thank the following men who have provided inspiration and accountability in both my weight loss journey and getting this eBook written and published: Brandon Cunningham, Shawn Albright, Chris Schaded, Sean Dust, and Scott Bram. Jason Curlee, thank you for letting me do that interview with you in 2012. At first, I didn’t understand why my agency thought it would be a good idea for a short, overweight man to write an article about men’s physical fitness, but it totally makes sense to me now. So, with that said, I praise God who always has a perfect plan even when it makes no sense to me!

I have friends who contributed motivation throughout the year as well as some of the content I share in this eBook, and they are the following: Ben Whetstone, Alysia Smith, Heather Ruedi, Joseph & Oakley Cortez, and fellow Seaside High School Spartan, Tony Dagey.

I also want to acknowledge my son, Jacob, for asking me to go on that run with him back  in November 2012. That was the wake up call I needed. Emma, my daughter, thanks for supplying a big piece of my why in getting back into shape. I look forward to having that father-daughter dance with you at your wedding someday. No rush, though, you’re only 10 years old right now!

I especially want to thank the founders and programmers of of Evernote, MyFitnessPal, VirtuaGym, Facebook, Netflix, and YouTube, because you provided the tools that made my transformation into a healthy lifestyle possible.

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Introduction & Disclaimers

Evernote - It all started with Evernote!

MyFitnessPal - My Workhorse App

VirtuaGym - My Other Workhorse App

Facebook - Yes, Facebook Helped Me Lose Weight

Other Tools I Tried or Plan to Use from Here

Join The Real Jerry Dugan

Introduction & Disclaimers

This book is about real people like you making a real change in your own life.

I left the Army in 2003, a hardened combat veteran, weighing 155 pounds on a short 5'4" frame. I was in the best shape of my life. Before leaving the U.S. Army, I was deployed to Iraq with the 3rd Infantry Division where a typical day was spent wearing full battle gear and sprinting after lightly clothed looters from my compound. I could do pull ups, about 100 push ups in two minutes, and about as many sit ups in the same amount of time. I was never much of a runner, but I could hold my own.

Fast forward ten years, I weighed close to 235 pounds with a 43 inch waist in January 2013. Tying my shoelaces meant that I couldn’t breathe. The faster I tied my laces the sooner I could breathe again and blood would flow normally to my head. Like Po, stairs were my nemesis. I truly thought Dreamworks was quoting me when I saw Kung Fu Panda 2. Showers were difficult because I had a hard time reaching every part of my body. Cardio health was non-existent. My son asked me to jog with him one day in November 2012. I could only keep up with him for about five houses, and I was walking by the end of the first block in our neighborhood. How did I get to be this way in the first place? I was an athlete in high school and again fit while in the Army, but ten years later this was my reality.

Both of my parents, and many of my extended relatives, were recently diagnosed with Type II diabetes. My dad also battles high blood pressure. I knew that if I did not make a change in my lifestyle I would lead my own wife and children down the same path.

As of January 1, 2014, I now weigh 179 pounds, a weight loss of 56 pounds or 24 percent of my starting weight. I also reduced my waist size by eight inches, and had to replace my wardrobe twice in the past year. I’ll need to replace my wardrobe again in a few months. My personal goal is to get back to my Army fitness level in the next two years. I ultimately want to weigh 160 pounds with a waist size around 32 to 33 inches. I am doing this without a gym membership, without a fancy diet, and without any pills, elixirs, or