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Emceeing, Show Planning, and Script Writing

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Description of Emceeing, Show Planning, and Script Writing

Practical, applied experience and examples (including two full scripts) for folks wanting advice about emceeing, and the show planning and/or script writing often related to it or required to do a first-rate job.

These are the six components of the ebook:

* Emceeing or show planning: What to remember when prepping a one-hour presentation
* Emceeing: how to write a script that works!
* Script for a Fourth of July county fair...
* One way to write a script for your club or singing group
* Emceeing: a full script for a two-hour show
* Emceeing: the thinking behind writing of the 11/4 two-hour show script

There is a bit of all three—emceeing, show planning, and script writing—in each of the six sections. If there is value for you on these pages, extract and go to it!

The author has presented 2000+ paid speaking presentations, including hundreds of emceeing programs. With almost all of the 2000+ presentations comes show planning, and only a couple of dozen times did somebody else write most or all of the script. So Gordon has plucked the best advice he could share from a lifetime of professional speaking and writing experience.

This is a no-nonsense (but often humorous), point-on, how-to e-report that mostly shows Burgett's response to a lifetime of questions asked by savvy wanna-be's and eager, gifted newbies, many of whom used it to hone their talent as emcees, planners, and writers.

Best wishes emceeing!

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