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Maxim Gunn: Four, Five, Six

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Suave, hard, devil-may-care, an ex-agent, the best that ever was.

A man who takes on the dark realms, the hidden corners, the places where things lurk, things that live only in our imaginations, things that just should not be.

A man who walks into trouble and says, “Into battle, murder and sudden death, good Lord, deliver me, right up to the neck.”

A man who doesn’t need a license to kill. A man who is the weapon of last resort. When they’ve run out of options, they call him back. No debates, no hand wringing, just get it done.

That man is...Maxim Gunn.

MAXIM GUNN: FOUR, FIVE, SIX is an omnibus collecting the second three previously published novels featuring the larger than life man of intrigue created by Nicholas Boving. Presented in this special edition by Pro Se Productions, this omnibus is the second of two, marking Pro Se as the new home for Boving’s modern Pulp hero. Thrill as if it were the first time to THE STOLEN WATERS, THE SUN FORTRESS, and THE LEOPARD LEGION- in one collection.

MAXIM GUNN: FOUR, FIVE, SIX by Nicholas Boving from Pro Se Productions.

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