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Fertility for Favors: Hailey's Story (Book 1)

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Doesn’t every young girl ask the man of the house when she wants something? Clothes, going out with friends, even a new car. And, of course, a little batted eyelash or flashed cleavage never hurts. Even if he raised you, he’s still a red-blooded man, right? It certainly helps that he’s hot—and that he’s not getting what he needs from the cold woman who raised you.

Until he turns the tables, anyway. Until he demands payment for your teasing and his favors with the one thing he’s always wanted:

Your fertility, untouched and seductive, to grow the family. And maybe something more—a touch of taboo lust, along with the thrill of almost being caught.

One favor, one try, that’s the deal. But the risk is small, right? And for that, you can have anything you desire from that strong man you’ve known all your life.

Even those dark, forbidden desires that you never knew you had.

Adults only!

Note: all characters depicted in this story are 18 years or older.

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