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Collection 5: Social Issues

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If you could change your fate or the fate of someone else, would you be brave enough?

In the fifth book in the Love & Other Brave Acts series, Diane Lee considers a range of social issues. Part memoir, part social commentary, she contemplates how much the lottery of birth is a factor in determining the path we tread and, ultimately, our fate.

What’s the world coming to...?

Diane opines on a world where social media reigns supreme, yet people rarely turn up to events on time, if at all. And she provides thoughtful commentary on range of contemporary issues including micro-financing and why it's empowering for all concerned, why kids should be allowed to fail and why writing to an inmate on death row is an act of compassion...

Why you’ll love this book..

Adapted from The Diane Lee Project, readers will find this collection of essays honest, brave and compelling.
An introspective and considered book, Diane provide refreshing commentary on a range of social and ethical issues.

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